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Movie Nudity Report: By the Sea, Shelter, and James White 20293 web

Angelina Jolie hasn't been nude on film in seven years, but all that changes with the release of her latest film, By the Sea, this weekend!

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Movie Nudity Report: Aloft, Plus the Best Nudity from the Film's Stars! 18431 web

The indie drama Aloft is in limited release this weekend, and features a great nude scene from Melanie Laurent! It also stars two other actresses well known for their knockout nude scenes!

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Vikings Season 2 and More: Celebrity Nudity on DVD & Blu-ray 10.7.14 16750 web

It's a bit of a light week for new DVD & Blu-ray releases with nudity, but there are definitely some hidden gems worth checking out!

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Third Person, Are You Here, and More: Celebrity Nudity on DVD & Blu-ray 9.30.14 16642 web

Two skinsational new releases and two films celebrating milestone anniversaries are making a splash on DVD & Blu-ray this week!

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2014 Toronto International Film Festival Nudity Recap 16550 web

With the Toronto International Film Festival having finally wrapped up on Sunday, let's take a look at some of the highlights, including some nude debuts, returning favorites, and a bunch of indies you won't want to miss!

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Jennifer Connelly Bares Her Bush Once Again In Upcoming Film Shelter 16514 web

Great news just keeps on coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival, and this time it concerns one of our favorite actresses of all time, Jennifer Connelly, and a nude scene she has in the film Shelter!

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Angel Heart and More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 4.2.14 [PICS] 15137 web

It's the start of a new month, and you know what that means... It's the start of a NUDE month on Netflix Instant! We've got some doozies to kick off the month of fools, starting with the Hall of Fame Classic Angel Heart! Most famous for irreparably damaging the working relationship between Lisa Bonet and Bill Cosby, Angel Heart features one of the hottest sex scenes ever put on film between Bonet & Mickey Rourke! There's also some sensational shirtlessness courtesy of Charlotte Rampling and Elizabeth Whitcraft! Angel Heart will make your cherub hard!

The Thomas Crown Affair, another Hall of Famer, debuts this month as well! Featuring the nude debut of Rene Russo, this art heist thriller will turn your Monet into a Bone-ay!
The French comedic fantasy flick Secret Things will remain secret no longer! Featuring a trio of topless temptresses in all kinds of compromising positions, this might be the best undiscovered gem of the week! Watch as Blandine Bury and Sabrina Seyvecou participate in a threesome with some super lucky jerk, and marvel at the magnificence that is Coralie Revel and Sabrina Seyvecou lezzing out on a bed! Secret Things will make your thing spring!
Juliette Binoche goes full frontal in the French biopic Camille Claudel 1915! Your shaft will rise as Juliette is lowered into a tub, giving us a nice look at her fun bags and furry patch!
And finally, it's the star of this past weekend's number one movie at the box office Jennifer Connelly, with one of her finest topless scenes ever from 1997's Inventing the Abbotts! Jennifer's giant jubblies help Joaquin's Phoenix to rise as he catches her riding a guy in the garage! Netflix does the streaming and you do the creaming!
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Parker and More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 9.4.13 [PICS] 13956 web

The newest release worth streaming to on Netflix has got to be a bare Emma Booth and an underwear-clad Jennifer Lopez in the action flick Parker (2013).

But the nudest? That’s up for debate with flicks like Flesh for Frankenstein (1974) leading off a Hall of Fame lineup! There is Jennifer Connelly’s uplifting bush-only scene in the heavy drug drama Requiem for a Dream (2000), and Linda Fiorentino’s femme fatale funbags alongside full frontal from Angie Everhart in Jade (1995). Finally we’ve got Romanian rack and shaved-down rug from Maria Popistasu in Tuesday, After Christmas (2010), and Blanchard Ryan showing off her sushi in Open Water (2003).

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Top 10 A-Listers Who’ve Bared Bush

There are plenty of actresses willing to go topless on film, but seldom is the celeb who will take off her bottoms. Harder yet is finding an A-List star willing to display this rarely viewed treat. Thankfully Jennifer Connelly, Kate Winslet, and Julianne Moore are making it easy to grab your Holly-woody, because they're all Top 10 A-Listers Who’ve Bared Bush!... read more

Mr. Skin's Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Breasts: #3-1 [PICS] 11418 web

Happy MAM-orial Day, everybody! We've reached the peak(s) of Mr. Skin's list of the best celebrity breasts of all time, and boy the view up here is fine.
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Soak Up Some Suck Sacks with Skin Central's Top Nude Sunbathing Scenes [PICS] 10621 web

In honor of That '70s Show and Are You There, Chelsea's Laura Prepon and her highly skinticipated nude debut in Lay the Favorite, we're compiling our top picks for that most glorious of gratuitous nudes- the nude sunbathing scene. Because when it's cold and grey outside, there ain't nothing like some sunkissed suck sacks to send us on a tropical vacation (in our pants of course).

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Synapse Films' Jerry Chandler: The Mr. Skin Skinterview 9598 web

Jerry Chandler (seen at left being choked by Christina Lindberg- there are people who would pay good money for that, ya know!) KNOWS his cult movies.

As one of the twisted minds behind Detroit-based DVD distributor Synapse Films, he’s been working for over five years to give horror, sci-fi, exploitation and erotic films the red-carpet treatment that’s usually reserved for “important" cinema (whatever that means). Mr. Skin partnered with Synapse to release the Women in Prison Triple Feature DVD earlier this year (you can read our review here), and we FIRM-ly agree with their mission of bringing the world’s weirdest cinema to the masses, so we asked Jerry a few questions about his life in the skinema trenches.

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The Dilemma: DVD Roundup 5-3-11 8574 web

We've got some big problems this week on Blu-ray, with the troubled relationship between two sisters (skincluding a teenage Roxane Mesquida) in Fat Girl, and Elisabeth Shue and Nicholas Cage forming a tragic duo in Leaving Las Vegas. We've also got a whole different kind of problem- the clothed kind- with the skinless superheroics of The Green Hornet and Winona Ryder's non-nude body double in The Dilemma.

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The Muff's Enough: Mr. Skin's Bush-Only Nude Scenes [PICS] 8558 web

Like the Gorgeted Puffleg, the endangered hummingbird only found in the cloud forests of Columbia's Serrania del Pinche, the bush-only nude scene is a rare and exotic beast. We had a brush with this elusive nude creature with this week's Blu-ray release of Betty Blue, and to celebrate we've got a new playlist of bush-only nude scenes!

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Top 10 Naked Best Supporting Actresses 5196 featured

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